Sunday, July 20, 2008

SherViNoDefe??? i miss them!!!


wud is SherViNoDeFe??

yeaaa... high school again! LOL,,, dats my group's name... Sherly, Vinz, Nora, Devy and Fenny ...
all of us Gals!! >

last time we always walked together to the canteenn,,, some ppl knoe bout our groups... we always go hang out together,,,,,, but 1 thing,,, Sherly and Devy never act good to eah other,,, always dis and dat.....hahahah,,

anyway,.,, miss them all <3..

Hang Kesturi my high school

Hang Kesturi!

Hang kesturi haha

i started to study in this school from primary 1... ><>> 7 years study there.. a lot a lot a lot of memories i got over there.. from my teacher,, friends... a lot a lot alot...

like ppl said... school is the best time... yeah dats true.. but i dun say dat college life is nt nice... just... i miss my school.. T_______T... jln, sutomo 144 medan.. the most the most unforgetable time is in high school 3...

all my friends... muochi class... eat sate together,, go pizza eat till die... go play timezone... waste parent's money hahahahha!... lov my teacher oso .. altot sometimes hate them bcoa of punishment...

when is the reunion will held aa???