Tuesday, September 9, 2008

EUPHORIA times for party! YAY!!!

EuPHOria MODE ON! waahahaah

wud a WONDERFULL night!! we went to euphoria club.. one of he most popular club in MAlaysia.. WOW!!! with my classmate,,, 1st time... so happy
full of joy and HAPPINESS ^_^
DaNCE LIKE there is no tommorow...
dun know how many galoons of laugh we have that nite
VINZ gonza
i hope we can do it again next time,,, LOVE !!! <333

Monday, September 8, 2008

malacca second trip! YAY!!!

wahahahah... dis picture took by nadia nicole si endut... when we were on the way go to malacca... TOL ROad!! dat time we sang like stupid people.. RnB song but we sing like rocker....

mama kosa mama mama kosa >>> rihhanna "dont stop the music"

Melvin was our professional driver
Christin was sit infront accompany Melvin
NAdia sit with me at the back and dun knoe did wud nonsense things.. wkakakak.. it tooks only 1 hour + to reach mallaca ^_^

depart from ridzuan condo used Saga car ( arround 6.00 pm)

reached malacca and find fandi gendut ( arround 8.00 pm)

yey!! dis is fandi's house.. his house dun knoe wud street .. but a lot of polisi tidur on the road... wahahhaha.. wud a nice place to stay...

somemore FREE!!! haahhaha.. thanks fandi anyway... we stayed there bcoz we had no place to stay.. all the hotel very expensive,,, ^_^

fandi was our tour guide at that time

whahahahahaha.... last day before go back KL we decided to have our lunch in this chicken rice shop farmosa..... !!! woohoo!!! i wan too eat a lot a lot alooTT!!!

i love u!!! chicken rice shop!!!

the price is ok la... suit for the taste.. <3333

got pork as well hahahahha

full full full

lets go back KL!!!

new hair ^0o^ new look !

yay yay.. new hair cut... before dis.. all friends asked me go to cut my hair.. because seems like honey bee punya sarang aldy.. i decided to cut my hair in cutabove... money wong is my hairstylist,, paid 60 bucks cash..

but yes,,, new look makes me better.. wahahaha.. can feel more fresh and more more attraction.. feel like want to laugh!! hahaha...

Money Wong said " ur face not looks like indonesian people.. more looks like dat korean korean people.. long ,,, " i dun knoe i must happy or wud... hahah.. but anyway thanks mrs.wong <3

lalalallala.... but my hair very fast grow one,,,, annoying!!!! later i will go cut botak so no need to waste money go saloon for cut gonza's hair ^___^