Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

ok.. i just came back from hospital.. well, what happened to me?? answer is appendix.. i know everybody get this problem called appendix..

nadia said "it is not usefull, but when it got infected, it will make you suffer"

the day after i finished my ICG assignment (illustrator) that night i started feel a bit pain in my stomacth, yes,, i havent take my dinner at all at that time, julius, soo hui, nadia and christin also there ( julius did his ICS, SH, Nad, and CH did the IDTP assignment). time walked very fast suddenly i saw there was 12 am ++ already, i felt sleepy, tired and stomatch pain, but i just ignored it,,, yea may be just masuk angin..

gonza (31'october 2008)

3 am in the morning of halooween

31 oct 2008
ok, i felt very very suffered that morning, , all my stomacth feel like wanna explode out.. and my back pain like hell.....
i woke christin up and she made a glass of hot tea,, well...
thanks christin,,, i went back to sleep.. not really sleep.. i just lied down my body and felt all the pain in my stomach..

i run run run to the toilet and vomitted all the thing that i dont know what i ate in the afternoon (b2 caffee mix rice i think) i vomitted in the toilete..!!! aiieerrr!
ok.. no need to clutter..

that morning i kept vomitting more than 10 times, till i felt like nothing to vomit de.....
the yellow yellow colour liquid also came out >,<

hallooween (nothing to do in this halooween)

night - i stop vomit ,, but what i felt .. pain in the bottom right of my stomath

i told my prince bout this,, he said,, it is may be appendix

1st november 2008
ok, i went to hospital (sunway medical centre)

i met my ex-doctor (who did operation on me before this)

he checked on me.. an said
" u need an operation again" yes,, it is appendix"

oh ok,,,

6 pm the operation started.....
7 pm ++ operation finished....

i must eat poridge all the way in the hospital sigh*

gonza with appendix ^^