Tuesday, September 29, 2009


coming up!!3rd OCtober2009

@ Barcelona

well. may be you all wondering.. hmmm....

why is gongon so excited about something called as
"D'Ultimate birthday Bash" by Digi?

okay la okay loh~ i will tell you why!


Because it will be the biggest birthday party ever! for you! you over there! and you are the one who is behind there! listen!we are going to celebrate birthday party with thousands people! can you imagine ornot??!


Every birthday party sure got prize ma! but now it is not just a prize.. it is super super grand prize. i heard huh.. all the prize is high standard prize and very easy to get ! no need to go for fear factoR ardy! ;)


May be you ever dream of invite celebrities to your birthday ! but when is that dream will come true??! D'ultimate Birthday Bash is your answer! not only one celebrity! Joey G, Honey Madu, Friendz, Liang they all will go there and celebrate with you.see! i gave you the answer ardy. must treat me eat you know!

SO yeah!! ~
i will see you guys there!


CHEAP!!! the ticket you can purchase for only 30 Ringgit! WOW! usually we go club at least must spend 100 bucks for entrance charge and drink! but this one only 30 bucks! included free drink and goodie bag worth 50 ringgit! <<>

1 more good news is! buy 4 tickets (RM 30) free 1 ticket!

additional good news are!
***** for the one who born in OCTOBER NOVEMBER and DECEMBER! you only need to spend 20 bucks for your ticket!!! clap clap clap* ><>

faster purchase your ticket and get ready with your party shoes and dress! and rock the world togeher!

party fun YAY!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

how about the happiest birthday party ever?


every year sure hear that words.

honestly, i personally never celebrated by birthday with my family . since they all very busy because my birthday fall nearby Chinese new Year. =( but it can be tolerated.

i only celebrate it with some of close friend every year with different kind of surprise! lol although sometimes i've known that they are going to give me a surprise party!
cake + great friends is enough for me ! <3>

recently we just celebrated Elaine and Casper birthday.
tons of funs, laughs, joy and happiness.!
love them so muach!

this one is belongs to Elaine Chan

** "Mami" the one that very caring and lovely

** the one that love purple so muach

** the one that love charlie brown

** the one that love "Wang Lee Hom"

Happy birthday PURPLE GIRL!

happy birthday Elaine
a lovely cake for the lovely one

how about kisses from your bestie?

and a big big huggies from gongon!

or may be huge milk tea for the birthday girl?

photograph with great friends? with lovely smiles ever!

ala Mexican birthday song and food also presented in Elaine's birthday

my 3 besties that always call their self as f4

happy birthday dearest Elaine Chan

dream team doesnt mean keep dreaming

we are forever for you...
happy birthday ElainE

this one for casper loh~

**a good friend that very loyal that i ever met.
=.='' but sometimes very noisy ..

** the one that love to worry bout assignment

** the one that always ask his friends " where are you going after graduate? stay here la. continue study together..

** the one that love to eat indomie

** the one that belongs to Christin Natalia Kang

** the one that love to play Dragonica and chiong level together

** the one that love trance music so much

** the one that easily get red face after drink 1 shot of vodca.

haha..happy birthday hengtai!

this one should write casper the Drunk Ghost

here is the place! the cave!
where barbarians love to stay

FYI we are the one who took picture with ur cake 1st before you

see how suffer he was protecting the candle.

the lovey dovey <3>

told you that F4 is everywhere

group pic. but casper think that this is pre-wedding pic.
kiss my butt la



Thursday, September 24, 2009


you have done well...

Rest in Peace Yoshita Usui

i proud of you and your "Crayon Shinchan" . and you are always will be my favorite one..

thank you Yoshita Usui. for the joy and happiness .. laugh and cheers that you bring for me through your work.. you have done a great and wonderful job..

i remember the first time i watched Crayon Shinchan in the morning kid show. i love it from the first time i watched it. i started to buy some of the comic and borrowed it from my friend cuz at that time i had no much pocket money to buy.

my friend.. crayon shinchan...
forever you are in my heart..


the wonderful

Yoshita Usui


i am sad,,,

can i just step back?

i asked them to be strong..
i asked them to be patient...
i asked them to cheers...

but how about me?


is it possible for me to pass through this all?
is it the one which people love to called it as "Stress"?
am i going to be alright?
how long more i must gone through this?

may be i tend to be strong in front..
or may be yea.. i am strong for few minutes ago...
but why this feeling must come to me right now?


i just want to go back to my mom and dad..
see their smile will make my day...

the video that usually make my day didn't work at all
i don't even can taste the sweetness of chocolate
the warmth of my blanket..

i never cried for almost one year..
but now..
i am..

but yes.. i know, how i cry also i must going through all of this..

mom..dad...friends please pray for your daughter and your friend over here..

so that i could face this world
and stand up like i did before..


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

you are being hurt... me too...

nah.. for my lovely friend..

i never saw you cry till like that before..
looking at you crying like that just make me feel hurt , feel useless and lame

make me question myself...

what can a friend do at this moment??

yeah girl~ you must be strong.. cuz i know that you are strong..

you must able to fight that feeling.. the one that hurt you and make ur face full of pain and tears..

just be strong

cuz we are always here for you.. always be a good shoulder for you to cry...

let's just forgive the one that hurt you...

smile again and laugh again like last time you did...

you are born and deserve to get a better one~


Monday, September 14, 2009

i just worry bout her~

she is just a bit unlucky
colly will be her name

i met her at medan Selera.. a place near church where me and my friends love to eat after church..

i dont know what is her name.. and may be am the one that will name her.

ok. let's name her as colly..

poor colly beside me

~she was walking around the place around there to find some food that left on the floor..
~her sad and watery eyes make my heart hurt after looking at her..
~her skinny body with white dusty color body got some scars on it make her looks pain... may be she get abused by some people..

colly was having some chicken bone by gon gon . given by kaka, Nadia casper and christin

she looks like 2 years old + female doggie that i think has born pupies before.. can be seen from her body shape..

what is she doing right now?
has she eaten today?
is she going to survive from this cruel world?
is she gonna be ok?

i hope she will be ok..
be strong always~
i hope everything will be ok..

dear colly

homeless doggie

Sunday, September 13, 2009

save energy mode on!!!!


our mission and vission!
with this citizen of B-21-06 have promise to cut off the use of electricity in home!


*to cut cost of stupid electricity!!! so expensive!! suck suck suck!! @#@$#@$@!#!$

*to unite ridzuan condominium tenants block B-21-06

* to reduce GLOBAL WARMING!!! ( <<>
after reduce global warming hor~ off coz we also help save the world la.. peace!

the last one!
* to save our pocket! before we broke and eat stone + sand hehe


save the world and pocket

When Cin(T)a is between you and me

and When the differences between us being exposed. ..


a wonderful experience that i get from watched this movie at MMU ( Multimedia University) yesterday evening with some friends from taylors (Christin, kaka, (my housemates),Nadia, Alice Brian, cici Novi, Linda, Natalia)

our wonderful trip started at around 2.15 pm. by using Rapid KL from sunway pyramid 2. reached kelana jaya around 2.45 pm.

accidentally we took wrong bus from kelana jaya to 1 Utama which we suppose to reach putra jaya =D
after waited fro 15 minutes, we took buss to putra jaya and reached there around 4.00

the 4th buss we took to cyber jaya is around 10-15 minutes!

Photo credited to Nadia Nicole =D

The Movie is basically about two people who love each other by having a different belief and religion..

the main objective of this movie is actually to question to the spectators. whether is religion and races can actually become a matter for them to cont their relationship.

the girl, Anisa is a muslim.
the guy, named as Cina is a Chinese and Catholic as his religion.

this movie is really interesting and meaningful.

god is director
god is Architect
god is everything..
LOL. bus stop around 1 utama. picture by Linda

the chop from the movie Screening
picture by Linda

picture credited for Nadia Nicole

we ended this trip with group picture with the actreess itself, the Director, ScripWriter.

on the way back home. waiting for cab. =D
picture by linda
god Bless us