Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new hair? short? ahahah

2009. new year, new semester to go, and yes. new hair as well. LOL.. this is around 1 month after my appendix surgery.. awww... still got the scar. i never took care bout it.. let it be what it would be. XD..

>.<... yesh!!! hair also grow very long aalready...TIME TO CUT! i decided to go for a cut in acutabove by money wong as usuall. i went there with livia who also wanna hv a haircut... i decided to hv a short haircut...

cut cut cut!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!1 my hair GONE!!!!!! >.<
WHAT SHOULD i do! i looks at the mirrOR! OH MY HAIR!!!! short like shyt! (sorry) i din knw why i did it! i looks like a F***ing TOMBOY! ahahahah.!!!
ermm.. i decided not to meet anyone and everyone... sure they will laugh and shocked.. lalallaa

i listening to *dunia belum berakhir song* - * world hasnt end*