Thursday, May 21, 2009

working nowXD

location = puchong mall... is it how they called it? LOL

currently working with streamyx. in PR department and event department..

working hours = 9 -6 PM? or may be more?

alice has introduced me to her ex-boss mr.Ricky and so lucky i were accept without any interview.. i hope i can learn more during this 2 months XD

all my collegemates are doing their internship now with different company and system.
all the best for you all

Monday, May 4, 2009

what i've done for 1 week !


time passed by so fast.. 1 week past! and now am slaying down on my sofa in the living room and writing this blog *
*song dat i am listening just now is
"FRIENDS- RAIN ft TIGER" one of my fav song although i dont know the whole meaning of that song it just bring a very big feel about the song .... "friends"

"i am your friend forever dont forget "

well , let's see what i;ve done this whole week?

Monday, 27th April 2009,
final presentation for presentation skill! ROFL...finally we passed it! happy like hell
after we done it...
with formal etire, we (Christin, Jane, Nadia, Elaine, Max, Casper, Jeffre, ISsac, NElson, Calista) went to dragon-i to actuall enjoy the RM1 chicken! YOOHOOO! it was nice taste,,, 1 full chicken for 1 table! we ate a lot for dat day..

Luna bar ... >> pasifiq regency hotel 34th floor! wad a nice and uniqe bar with georgeous view up there.! i love that kind of place to chill around and relax. the staffs over there also very kind.. kept giving us 1000 smiles!

oh yes! almost forgot! can u imagine?? 1 kancil 7 people inside it??? LOL! squish till become popiah! but luckly got other friend come. and send us there! thanks to casper friend LOL.

on the way back home,,,, get Stopped by police! damn iT! i din bring my ID card la! shyt! ( i had a bad feeling since came out from home) damn it... but luckly he let us go YEAHHH!

dats all for monday - tuesday morning ... finally 3 am reached home..

be cont-