Monday, April 11, 2011

little plan little effort

Period : 18 April - 1 May

Should i really go to Redang with my parents?? when i start to mention on my parents.. ermh. okay, my parents' group including all the growing adults 1st aunt, 2nd aunt, 1st uncle.. and ALL of em! what should i do if i go there with them? snorkeling and shout together with them as in the sharks is going to eat them up?? sounds fun.. or I'll just jemur myself and wait until my skill turn to well-done! =D
arghhh~ and what should if I don't follow them? dating with my red hot DELL? when i mention RED HOT DELL means games. opsss! Assignment.. heheh

To be continued on pending plan~

Food of the week
SS15 Rojak


Nadia said...

hmmm just enjoy talking to them, keep up...and train your self to talk with auntie2 because soon you need to handle your mother in law as well :P